Bring it on. Our products feature an Open Style Titanium design equipped with wraparound flexibility for reliable stability in any situation. Patented designs and durable components guarantee your headphones can keep up with high-impact activities and weather any storm.


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Do you want to listen to music without having your ears plugged?

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones are the perfect solution for you. They work by sending sound vibrations through your skull and into your inner ear, allowing you to listen to music while still being able to hear everything around you! You can even wear them in a crowded place or on a busy street and still be aware of all the sounds around you. They’re great for runners, bikers, skiers, hikers – anyone who wants their tunes but doesn’t want to block out the world around them.

SKYLIMIT Z01 Bone Conduction wireless Headphones allow users to enjoy listening without blocking out what's going on around them. With our sleek design and high quality speakers that deliver crisp sound with deep bass tones - we're sure they'll become an essential part of every active lifestyle! And if that wasn't enough - we also offer free shipping worldwide so there's no need for any extra costs when it comes time for delivery! So don't wait another minute- order yours today before stock runs out!

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How It Works

Most people are familiar with standard headphones and know extraordinarily little about bone conduction wireless headphones. the key to understanding bone conduction earphones is to familiarize yourself with how sound travel into our inner ear (cochlea).



Air Condution Black Tech

On-ear Wearing

Truly Harmless

Ears Remain Refreshed

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Tranditional Headphones

Pain Upon long-term wearing

Easy to fall during workout

Restrained with discomfort